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Sun, Sea, Sand... Sync

LA, not for the faint hearted - work hard, play hard.

By Jon Skinner 18-Jul-2017

Post Midem is now the regular spot for UK revellers to embark on an epic journey across the big pond to the blessed land of film, hope and glory. Simply put, if you want a crash course on sync or want to make those all important music supervisor connections, look no further. In my humble opinion, the LA sync mission is by far the best sync event on the annual calendar. 

Why? For starters it’s been running for over 13 years, fully endorsed and organised by representatives of the UK government’s creative export division, the BPI, MPA and AIM trade associations. It's unparalleled when it comes to establishing connections and building relationships which are pivotal in the world of sync, it’s knowing the Sync business etiquette and it’s being able to provide who you know with quality music and presenting yourself as a trusted source. 

My first sync was in the year 2000 and I’m still learning to adapt to an industry that is always changing. Which is why conferences like this are so important, they keep you ahead of the game and provide you with invaluable insight and personal communication with those pioneering for the world of Sync. 

Then there’s the part we all love, networking! Setting the bar high with a variety of events from quiz nights to live performances and there are no excuses not to get out there. Typically, it’s about who you know so put yourself out there if you don’t meet at least 30 music supervisors, then you're hiding under a rock. 

If you're reading this, take it from me and us here at the Guild, it's worth every penny. So whip out the calendar and pencil the nearest Sunday closest to the 12th of June each year, Hollywood beckons.