GMS x Colombian Sync Market 2024

We are delighted to announce that the UK and European Guild of Music Supervisors have partnered with Colombian Sync Market.
The event emerges as an innovative response to the current needs of the Colombian and global music industry, in a world where music has become an essential tool for audiovisual storytelling, advertising, video games and more, synchronisation has become established as a powerful avenue to connect musical talent with commercial opportunities, despite Colombia’s rich sonic diversity, lack of exposure and limited economic outcomes for many artists demonstrate the need for a specialised market that addresses these challenges.

Colombian Sync Market is taking place from 19th of March to 22nd March 2024. Music Supervisors Michelle De Vries, Lucy Bright, Hollie Hutton, Chloe Heatlie will be representing the UK and European Guild of Music Supervisors. Across the 4-days, they will travel as part of the FanTrip group to connect with the most powerful independent music catalogs in the region, while immersing in the natural, urban and musical experiences of Medellín and its surroundings, participating in the various networking activities, attending the concerts and the panels program.

Michelle will also take part in the ‘Let’s build from Bad Experiences‘ (Construyamos Desde Las Malas Experiencias) panel on 22nd March 2024. She will be speaking alongside Guillermo Salazar (Musical Director at RCN Television, Colombia), Herminio Gutierrez (Music Supervisor, Mexico), Andrea von Foerster (Music Supervisor, US), moderated by Luisa Piñeros (Radio Presenter, Colombia). The panel will look into bad experiences and how creators used them as foundations for success and discuss barriers, challenges and lessons learned in the world of music synchronisation.



Colombian Sync Market’s mission is to create a B2B market specialised in synchronisation in Latin America, connecting music creators and buyers. The platform will focus on providing legal security, competitive value and perfect alignment between music and message, strengthening the music industry in the region.


To be the bridge between musical talent and the audiovisual industry in Latin America, transforming the way music is selected, acquired and used in audiovisual and advertising content. We aspire to be the leading synchronisation platform, where each interaction results in an enriching experience and concrete business.


Create a specialized platform that makes music synchronization easy, providing a single solution for musicians and music buyers. “Colombian Sync Market” seeks to be a meeting point where businesses materialize and music is lived as a cultural and tourist experience.

Listen to the official Colombian Sync Market playlist below.

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