InSync Fitness Sessions with Music Supervisor, Sergio Pimentel

By Vicky Bennett / GMS Administrator

Music Supervisor and Personal Trainer, Sergio Pimentel is offering music supervisors a 10% discount to his online PT sessions during this time.

Here at GMS, we understand that it is important to keep our physical and mental health in check, especially at this time in self-isolation. So, with the element of sync, music supervisor, Sergio Pimentel will touch on this during his PT sessions that music supervisors are very familiar with. 

“As a personal trainer, I draw on my 21 years of experience of music programming to elicit feelings and emotions in the listener.” – Sergio Pimentel

Sergio is going to be running some 30-minute classes as a taster at 1 pm GMT this Friday 27th March. He will be doing the same next week on Weds (1st April) and Friday (3rd April). Anyone that is interested please sign up on the doodle link HERE for Friday’s session and he will send zoom details to the first 16 people to sign up.

For more information, you can contact Sergio at

Sergio will do the same for next weeks sessions individually in order to give everyone that wants to join a chance.

He is also planning to upload a few workouts that can be done at home during lockdown with no equipment needed on his Instagram, so please follow: @serginhop


About Sergio Pimentel

Fully qualified Personal Trainer with a passion for strength and conditioning training and the psychology of the use of music in training. With a focus on how exercise can improve one’s mental as well as physical wellbeing, I love to see my clients achieve their goals.

As a runner with an interest in strength and conditioning training, I have personally found the discipline required when training to be a positive focus and release. Over the last 20 years, training has become a platform to help me to cope with the stresses and pressures of working life as well as promoting a healthier and active lifestyle.

Having seen the benefits of a variety of training, combined with a focus on diet, on my physical and mental wellbeing, I decided that I wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals. I currently run Personal Training sessions and “InSync” Bootcamps, which focus on team building and collaboration.

I’ve spent most of my career working as a Music Supervisor and Music Consultant assisting brands and companies tell stories through the use of music. During my 18 year tenure straddling a number of the creative industries including, Music, Advertising, Video-game, Film and TV, I have seen first hand the challenges the working environments bring and their effects on one’s physical and mental well being.

These working environments can thrive on a “needs to be done now” or in some cases “yesterday” whatever the cost. With the recent focus on mental health and wellbeing, many companies are beginning to address the work-life balance. There finally is a realisation that the long working hours and relentless entertaining that is often prevalent in the creative industries can and often does have a “burn out” effect on staff.

The Psychology of Music in Training

Music plays an integral role in sports and physical activity, with some psychologists arguing that music “can play the role of a legal performance-enhancing drug”. Music gives the unique ability to disassociate the mind from fatigue and can improve your endurance by up to 15%, as well as triggering positive emotions during exercise.

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