The GMS Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The UK and European Guild of Music Supervisors recognises the existing inequalities, prejudices and diversity gap in our sector and the part we can all play in affecting change.

In response to the events of last year and the ongoing inequality in our sector, the GMS has formed a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to not only address the issues in our community but to help to educate, support and assist where we can be a catalyst for change.

Our community needs us to find ways together towards a more inclusive industry. As a committee, we are dedicated to education and making the necessary changes, in turn inspiring our community to do the same. It is our aim to initiate new opportunities to break down the barriers to entry for minority groups and create a lasting impact. We are an open, collaborative committee and we hope to encourage our community to be part of the solution both together and in our independent work and lives.

As an initial step, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Black Lives In Music through which we hope to start conversations and build relationships to expand the opportunities for people of colour in the music industry. Black Lives in Music is made up of a number of partners who are all working towards a joint goal of dismantling structural racism in our industry and providing better professional opportunities.

Read the Black Lives in Music Charter here. More on our partnership to come.

What You Can Do

You will be seeing more from the committee as we roll out our initiatives working towards our goals.

And if you’re inspired to do something today: reach out to people in your community and see how you can help.
Follow Black Lives in Music to read, listen and share their work.

Finally, if you wish to find out more or get involved yourself, please always feel free to reach out to the committee at this email address: 

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